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August 02, 2016

“This 246-Square-Foot Home Is Nicer Than Your Whole House” – Huffington Post

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Written by: Abigail Williams / 2 August 2016

Whoever said good things come in small packages was clearly talking about this tiny home.

New Frontier Tiny Homes has built the ultimate experience in tiny home living. The Alpha Tiny Home is the company’s flagship model, and boy is she a beaut.

Latimer understands that the tiny home lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

“You may not ‘get’ the movement,” Latimer said. “But we aren’t advocating for a new standard in housing. We just want the option to live in a sensible way: debt free, with economic responsibility.”

New Frontier Tiny Homes is based in Nashville, but deliver anywhere in the continental United States. Check out the pictures below to see if the tiny home movement is for you.