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July 05, 2017

“New Frontier Tiny Homes In Nashville” – TravelHost

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The tiny house craze has hit Nashville.  Entrepreneur David Latimer started New Frontier Tiny Homes in 2015. After he did some soul searching and ran across the tiny home movement he knew this was where he wanted to focus his resources.

The tiny house movement is a philosophy where people intentionally live sustainably concerned about the environment and want financial freedom in affordable housing.  Simply put it is ‘people who live in small simplified spaces and want to live within their means.’ Some do it to be mortgage free others for a little extra space for a backyard office or retreat area and some do it to simplify their lives and have the option to be mobile.

People are curious about these very small houses and with the popularity of the ‘tiny homes’ TV shows interest is off the charts here in Nashville.  A tiny home ranges from 140 to 350 square feet with dimensions ranging from 16 feet in length 8.5 feet in width and 13.5 feet in height to up to 30 feet in length.  David says the TV shows have increased awareness of tiny homes but have also set unrealistic pricing expectations.  New Frontier builds custom homes on the luxury side that are over engineered using quality materials to last for the duration and while being moved around.

New Frontier Tiny homes are built on a trailer making them mobile.  The foundation is the most important part so David goes above and beyond to make the houses strong and safe using only quality materials.   Metal steel studs are used for the frame threaded rods tie into the framing and Simpson strong ties are used to then anchor the foundation.  Other features of David’s custom tiny houses include closed cell spray foam insulation Tyvek wrap cedar and higher poly woods metal roof and tempered glass.  Tempered glass is a really important feature that helps prevent the glass from breaking while in transit. These tiny homes are even rated for an earthquake or hurricane so you know they will last and are safe!

The interior details are customized for each job which helps with budgeting.  Similar to buying any house the buyer selects from custom cabinetry built-ins and paint colors.  As an added touch New Frontier uses a stainless steel shower in the bathroom area. Prices begin around $30000 depending on size and level of customization.

It takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to build a tiny house but varies based on the level of customization. New Frontier builds the houses at their Nashville facility in a controlled environment and then transports the finished house to the designated location. For those looking to build outside of Nashville they can also build a tiny house anywhere in the country.

Stop by and see a tiny house at the corner of McGavock Pike and Maxey Lane. (Near Mitchell Delicatessen at 1306 McGavock Pike.)