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July 27, 2017

“This may be the most luxurious tiny house we’ve seen yet” – Digital Trends

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Writer: Semhar Debessai / Publish Date: 27 July 2017

The new Alpha Tiny House is what we’d like to imagine Friday Night Lights’  Tim Rigginswould be living in now. Sure he’ll have finished that house he started building on that massive piece of Texas land he bought when the series ended five years ago, but, let’s face it, Riggins was never a white picket fence kind of guy.

A red western cedar siding kind of a guy? Perhaps.

The new fun-sized digs come courtesy of New Frontier Tiny Homes — the go-to name for what amounts to be trailer homes on crack. The sticker price is on the higher end ($95,000) compared to other members of the tiny home movement. And with one look at it, you can see why.

In just 240 square feet, you get a full kitchen, a full bath, washer-and-dryer combo, and a bedroom with space for a king-sized mattress. But it’s not just that it fits, it’s that it actually seems like a functioning living space.

The raised kitchen and the loft-style bedroom keeps things from feeling cramped, while an eight-person dining room table remains hidden under the kitchen until ready for use. Not to mention both sides of the home serve as an entrance/exit, giving new meaning to an open floor plan.

While the outside is pleasingly rustic, the interior is where the magic happens. With its stainless steel appliances and wood accents, barnwood shelving and mosaic backsplash, simple leather chairs, and frilly fur ottomans, it’s part woodsman, part luxe. It’s like Jeff Lewis threw up all over it (in a good way).

We’re especially fans of the drop-down deck. It’s where we imagine Riggins would invite us to have a cold beer after a long day of doing whatever it is that he does to pay for property taxes and beer.