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October 13, 2017

“The Tennessee two bed! Nashville company squeezes a luxury home into the back of a 28ft trailer” – Daily Mail

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Written by: Darren Boyle / Publish Date: 13 October 2017

This stunning tiny 28-foot-long house could be a solution to the housing crisis using a space-saving design without losing any home comforts.

An elegant and surprisingly spacious home, it features two bedrooms including a seven and a half foot gooseneck master bedroom as well as all the luxury one might be accustomed to with solid walnut flooring, Custom Shoji Paper sliding doors and porcelain countertops.

Other striking shots show the exterior of the tiny home with large windows include to provide plenty of natural light while the main window opens up like a garage door to act as an entrance.


The creative design is the work of New Frontier Tiny Homes who redesigned their popular flagship model The Alpha into a more elegant, spacious family home to create The Escher.

Nashville-based New Frontier Tiny Homes aims to offer original and sustainable solutions for America’s growing housing crisis, while also offering businesses a unique workspace.

‘I saw an opportunity to create a space for businesses to be mobile, current and minimalist; for companies to immediately capture people’s attention and hold it, drawing them in with great effect,’ said New Frontier founder and CEO David Latimer.

‘The internet and people’s feeds are completely overwhelmed by targeted ads and an endless list of companies competing for potential consumers’ attention.

‘Our goal is to provide companies a unique and intimate way to reach customers more so than any other platform available in the marketplace.’

Some of the other key features of The Escher include a full-size porcelain farmhouse sink, poplar interior siding and LED custom lighting throughout the property.

Everything in the tiny home is custom made from cabinets to shelves to bed to drop down desks to interior doors. Nothing is stock.