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April 05, 2018

“Tiny Houses Perfect for Your Mother-in-Law, Grown Kids or Guests” – TheStreet

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 Publish Date: 5 April 2018

Whether you’ve got guests, boomerang kids trying to get on their feet, or an aging parent who shouldn’t live alone anymore, where to put them may be an issue.

The increased popularity of tiny homes means that these days, there are plenty of talented builders and customizable options to choose from if you want to put a unit on your property.

We’re not talking garden sheds, RVs or those old double-wides with peel-and-stick floors. Some of these tiny homes are so efficient, beautiful and unique, you might want to move in yourself. Here are some tiny houses worthy of the word ‘home.’



New Frontier Tiny Homes — If you didn’t think tiny homes could be jaw-dropping beautiful, think again. New Frontier Tiny Homes, based in Nashville, designs custom homes, ranging from about 120 to 250 square feet, for delivery anywhere in the U.S.

This model, the Escher, brings the outdoors in with a garage-style rolling glass door.