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May 08, 2018

“Hit the road this summer in one of these cute and cosy portable homes” – Lonely Planet

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Writer: James Gabriel Martin / Publish Date: 8 May 2018

For people all over the world, the expenses associated with owning a home can lead to difficult choices when it comes to traveling or taking holidays. But in recent years, alternative ways of living have been emerging more and more, fuelled by intrepid creatives with appetites for exploration and freedom. Perhaps the most famous example is the tiny home movement, which has seen people choosing to downsize their living quarters in favour of movability, leading to many companies offering bespoke and comfortable mobile homes designed for the open road. One such example is New Frontier Tiny Homes, who offer a range of custom creations that are bound to inspire wanderlust.

Image of smiling friends at a dinner table in a tiny house

Built on trailers that can range between 18 and 40 feet, the ethos behind New Frontier Tiny Homes is flexibility, offering owners the opportunity to change their environment if they so wish. The houses can be fully customised, and even have the ability to utilise solar power for fully off grid systems. Available in three different models of varying sizes, the homes are multifunctional, cosy, and eye-catching, and include all the modern comforts seen in normal houses, such as fitted kitchens, dishwashers and washing machines, and sliding glass doors that open onto decks. The Nashville-based company creates unique designs for clients, and upon completion of a build, delivers the homes anywhere across the United States.


Inside of the Alpha tiny home

“Designing and building a completely custom tiny home on wheels for a client is a very intimate process. During that time, we get to know our clients as people, which allows us to build them homes fit for their every need. Owners can expect to get a home that is unmatched in creativity and the quality of craftsmanship and materials,” David Latimer, Founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Recently, New Frontier Tiny Homes was approached by Cornelia Funke, who commissioned them to create a rustic, rectangular writing studio in the forest. Two New Frontier Tiny Homes trailers are even available to rent through Airbnb for travellers looking to sample a taste of the rustic, cosy life without breaking the bank. Both are located in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, approximately ten minutes from Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and offer 360 degree views of the surrounding area.


Interior of Cornelia

More information on New Frontier Tiny Home trailers is available at the official website. Prices start at $115,000 (€97,080), and details are also available on renting the Escher and the Alpha in Santa Cruz.