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November 07, 2018

“Dunkin’ Donuts built a tiny home that’s powered by coffee — and it cost just $10 a night to stay there” – Business Insider

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Written by: Aria Bendix / Published 07 November 2018

Coffee isn’t just meant for powering our mornings — it can now power our homes as well. In October, Dunkin’ Donuts revealed the first-ever home to run on coffee, a 275-square-foot structure with a full kitchen, bathroom, and king size bed.

The home was first unveiled in New York City, before being made available to rent in Nahant, Massachusetts, a town just outside Boston.

The home was formerly listed on Airbnb, where reservations immediately filled up. Bookings were limited to two guests, who received unlimited access to coffee — all for the low price of $10 a night.

To come up with a coffee-powered energy system, Dunkin’ partnered with Blue Marble Biomaterials, a company that takes wasted resources and converts them to fuel.

A single gallon of fuel requires around 170 pounds of spent coffee grounds. In addition to conserving energy, the process prevents coffee grounds from winding up in landfills.

The decomposition of coffee grounds releases methane— a greenhouse gas that’s up to 35 times as potent as carbon dioxide.
But there’s a caveat: The biofuel blend consists of only 80% coffee oil.

In order to be converted into fuel, the coffee is mixed with 20% alcohol.

The inside is outfitted with slate countertops, walnut floors, and high-end appliances.

Actress Olivia Wilde also contributed to the home’s unique aesthetic.

Guests can access the loft bed by climbing up a ladder.

There’s also a “coffee nook” for sipping your morning cup.

But perhaps the coolest feature is a retractable wall, which opens out to a cedar deck.