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Why Tiny Homes?

The inspiration behind tiny homes is this: life is short. Who among us, reflecting upon the life we have lived, would choose to be surrounded by our possessions rather than our people, recalling the shared experiences of our lives? Tiny homes are about bringing that which matters most to the forefront of our daily living: developing autonomy, living debt free with economic responsibility, flexibility and freedom to travel,  change careers, cultivate work life balance, time to read and learn, always accruing experience, not more stuff. Downsizing, which can seem a daunting undertaking, is one of the most empowering things a person can do to restructure and redesign one's life.

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Celebrating Materials As We Move Away From Materialism

This is your year of living better and freeing yourself from materialism. It's your year to experience happiness and warmth outside of the material world.

And materialism—its expression, its antidotes, its eventual acceptance—permeates some of the more undesirable qualities we all find in ourselves. Now, let it go.

It’s simple. You only need to begin valuing everything that brings purpose and meaning to life. It may seem like a lot to do but that’s all it takes. Spend 1% of your day thinking about what matters most, then look around to see if the nearby materials or products support that.

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