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Big design in a small package is the philosophy behind New Frontier, and their Escher Tiny Home is no different. Sitting on a flat-bed trailer, the exterior facade is made up of a rustic mix of charred timber, cedar lap, and metal siding. A sliding glass door welcomes you to the multi-use living area that can also act as a dining room or open-air sitting are when the garage door is raised.The adjacent kitchen features a farmhouse sink, gas stove, and dishwasher, and at just 300 square-feet, the interior still has room for two bedrooms and full bathroom with a shower.

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Written by: Jenny Xie / Publish Date: 20 December 2017

It’s the end of 2017, which means tiny houses are kind of old news. By that we mean, this has been another year of so many new micro homes on wheels (or not) in all shapes, sizes, styles, and settings—which also means that it now takes a lot to impress.

Still, the year was not without some truly wow-worthy designs. Below, we recap the best tiny residences we covered in 2017 (though we did love this tiny house library as well). Whether it’s through innovative layout and engineering, or next-level interiors and amenities, these selections suggest that the tiny living world is as creative as ever and, perhaps, the best is yet to come.

6. The tiny house that redefines “luxury”

Following up on the jaw-dropping Alpha tiny house, the Escher from New Frontier Tiny Homes is bigger, pricier, and just as if not more luxurious. The 300-square-foot design, which sports sleek, industrial vibes, has one cantilevered master bedroom tucked behind doors in the kitchen area and a second loft above the bathroom. You’ve got to take a look at all the photos, because this house is bout details, details, details.

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Written by: Adam Williams / Publish Date: 29 November 2017

Considering most tiny houses are a similar size and shape, you’d think firms would run out of ideas to make their models stand out from the crowd, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This year has seen many unique takes on downsizing, including an expandable tiny house, a cardboard tiny house, and another towable dwelling that sleeps up to 10 people. Here’s our pick for the best tiny houses of 2017.

Escher – New Frontier Tiny Homes

New Frontier Tiny Homes impressed us before with the Alpha tiny house and its successor, the Escher, sports a similar overall design, but with some additional touches to make it suitable for a family.

The Escher reaches a length of 33 ft (10 m) and has an attractive exterior partly clad in Shou Sugi Ban-treated cedar, the Japanese method of charring wood to preserve it. It has a garage-like door and awning that lift upwards to open the home to the outside. The interior looks very luxurious and measures around 300 sq ft (27.8 sq m). There’s a lot going on in here but the most interesting piece of furniture is a custom dining table hidden under the stairs that’s pulled out to seat up to 12 adults.

Japanese-style Shoji paper doors separate the high-end kitchen and the Escher’s main bedroom. Over on the other side of the home is a small office, child’s room up in the loft, and a bathroom with walk-in closet.

The Escher starts at $139,900.

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Written by: Darren Boyle / Publish Date: 13 October 2017

This stunning tiny 28-foot-long house could be a solution to the housing crisis using a space-saving design without losing any home comforts.

An elegant and surprisingly spacious home, it features two bedrooms including a seven and a half foot gooseneck master bedroom as well as all the luxury one might be accustomed to with solid walnut flooring, Custom Shoji Paper sliding doors and porcelain countertops.

Other striking shots show the exterior of the tiny home with large windows include to provide plenty of natural light while the main window opens up like a garage door to act as an entrance.


The creative design is the work of New Frontier Tiny Homes who redesigned their popular flagship model The Alpha into a more elegant, spacious family home to create The Escher.

Nashville-based New Frontier Tiny Homes aims to offer original and sustainable solutions for America’s growing housing crisis, while also offering businesses a unique workspace.

‘I saw an opportunity to create a space for businesses to be mobile, current and minimalist; for companies to immediately capture people’s attention and hold it, drawing them in with great effect,’ said New Frontier founder and CEO David Latimer.

‘The internet and people’s feeds are completely overwhelmed by targeted ads and an endless list of companies competing for potential consumers’ attention.

‘Our goal is to provide companies a unique and intimate way to reach customers more so than any other platform available in the marketplace.’

Some of the other key features of The Escher include a full-size porcelain farmhouse sink, poplar interior siding and LED custom lighting throughout the property.

Everything in the tiny home is custom made from cabinets to shelves to bed to drop down desks to interior doors. Nothing is stock.

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 Written by: Adam Williams / Publish Date: 11 October 2017

The small living movement tends to be all about sacrifices and compromises – there’s only so much that can be done with such limited space, after all. That said, those with the means to spend some extra money can look forward to improved amenities, high-end materials, and gadgets a-plenty in their tiny house. Join us as we take a look at the best new luxury tiny houses on the market.

As was the case in our look at the market back in February, we’ve focused on high-end tiny houses that cost over US$70,000 and include outstanding features, interesting design, or notable technology. We’ve also highlighted firms we’re familiar with, but do urge readers to carry out their own research if considering splashing hard-earned cash on one of these. All except one are based in the USA (the other is in New Zealand).

Head to the gallery to see more images and information on each home or read on for our selection of the best new luxury tiny houses currently on the market.

Escher – New Frontier Tiny Homes

Nashville-based New Frontier Tiny Homes’ Alpha was one of the most notable tiny houses of 2016 and its successor looks similarly impressive. Based on the same basic design as the Alpha, the Escher increases living space and adds a second bedroom to make it suitable for a family of three.

The Escher‘s large sliding glass doors and novel garage-like door open the home to the outside. Its interior measures 300 sq ft (27.8 sq m) and includes a living/dining area with stow-away table that seats a dozen people. The kitchen looks high-end and boasts porcelain countertops, a mini-dishwasher, and stainless steel appliances.

There’s one bedroom downstairs in the Escher and another upstairs, plus a home office and a bathroom with shower, sink, composting toilet, and a large walk-in closet.

The Escher can run on or off-the-grid and will set you back $139,900 and up, depending on options chosen.

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 Written by: Lucy Wang / Publish Date: 6 October 2017

Meet “The Escher”—a stunning tiny home that’ll steal your breath away. Designed and built by New Frontier Tiny Homes, this gorgeous mobile home uses clever space-saving design, high-end materials, and craftsmanship to prove that living large is possible in small spaces. The Escher combines rustic appeal with contemporary design into a surprisingly luxurious and dreamy abode.

The Escher model was designed and built as a full-time family home for a couple with a child. Although the clients originally wanted the firm’s flagship model, The Alpha, they later decided on a more spacious custom-build, The Escher, which was named after their child. Shou Sugi Ban cedar siding, Red Western Cedar siding, and Federal Blue Custom Metal Siding clad the 28-foot-long Escher, while mechanical seam metal tops the roof. The home achieves its spacious feel thanks largely to tall ceilings, ample insulated glazing (in particular the 8-foot-by-8-foot glass garage door), and recessed LEDs. Solid poplar shiplap is used for the interior siding and ceiling. Ebony-stained solid walnut hardwood lines the floors.

Two bedrooms are placed on either end of the home—the master bedroom with a king-size bed located in the 7.5-foot-long gooseneck, while the child’s bedroom is placed in a spacious loft accessible via a custom solid oak ladder (made with only wooden joinery). In total, the home offers seven distinct spaces: two bedrooms, kitchen, office, bathroom, walk-in closet with storage, and a dining area. The dining/living area is located in a spacious area behind the giant glass garage door that opens up the home to the outdoors. Moveable and transformable furniture make up a custom dining table, two benches, four stools, and two coffee tables that can be stored beneath the kitchen floor and provide extra hidden storage.


The gorgeous kitchen features a 33-inch porcelain farmhouse apron sink with a fridge, 36-inch gas cooktop with hood, dishwasher drawer, custom cabinetry and shelving, porcelain countertops, as well as a custom copper backsplash and accents. Custom shoji paper sliding doors separate the kitchen from the master bedroom that houses a king-sized bed on a hydraulic lift that allows for full floor storage underneath. Below the loft bedroom on the opposite side of the home is the office, walk-in closet, and bathroom. The office consists of a bifold walnut standing desk and windows that open up to an outdoor bar area. The bathroom includes a composting toilet, floating sink, washer/dryer, custom tiling, herringbone pattern flooring made of ebony stained walnut, and a beautiful shower that easily fits two people.


The stunning home’s space-saving design is impressive but we think it’s the craftsmanship and detailing that elevates The Escher high above the typical tiny home. In addition to high-end appliances, the home features custom stone and timber furnishings and detailing, as well as a one-of-a-kind mural wall by 1767 Designs. Pricing for The Escher starts at $139,000. The tiny home was recently unveiled on HGTV and DIY’s “Tiny House, Big Living” television series.

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 Written by: Jenny Xie / Publish Date: 5 September 2017

For a while now, the fanciest tiny house around has been New Frontier Tiny Homes’s Alpha, a 240-square-foot stunner that packs in a whole lot of function and design in an oh-so-Instagrammable way. Where could they possibly go from there? Well, the answer has arrived and it’s the Escher, a model that’s bigger, pricier, and a new embodiment of tiny house as art.

Clocking in at around 300 square feet, Escher has the same starting point as the Alpha, which is a central living area with a garage door that opens to the outside, where there should be some sort of deck. But whereas the Alpha has just one sleeping loft above the bathroom, the Escher is more family or guest-friendly, offering two resting quarters: One cantilevered “master bedroom” tucked behind doors in the kitchen area, and another loft above the bathroom. The interior decor scheme also skews darker and more industrial than the Alpha’s rustic farmhouse vibes.


Of course, the thing to marvel at in these designs is the attention to detail. Note, for example, the pull-out storage for spices and condiments, hanging pot rack, exposed beams in the bathroom, shower niches, and stairs that transform into a dining table and seating for up to 12 people.