David Latimer - CEO & Founder, Lead Designer

Everything at New Frontier begins and ends with David. From the Vision, to the Brand, to Architectural Design, Interior Design, Decoration/Staging, and the execution of it all in the Build, it all starts in his head and doesn't come to life without him driving it every step of the way. Design is his first love, but he is deeply passionate about all the different components of New Frontier and is obsessed with uncompromising quality and perfection.

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, David has always been fascinated by the form and function of structures, good design, and asking why. Working construction during summers in high school, he gained the fundamental knowledge of what has become a lifelong passion for building, carpentry, the art, and science of crafting a home, and the Do-It-Yourself ethos. He studied Literature and Philosophy at Furman University, paying for his education with an athletic scholarship.  Seeking experience over any single career path, David backpacked on a shoestring budget through Europe for 6 months after graduating university.  Next, he moved to New York City. There his passion for design began, working at Ralph Lauren and Earnest Sewn.  After almost 3 years, he was burnt out on the city life and the fashion industry and wanting a completely different experience. An opportunity to help build and expand an orphanage in the village of Mutungu, Uganda became his mission.  After almost a year in Africa, he moved to Chicago where he got into the hospitality business, opening and operating restaurants. While in Chicago, he also began to explore furniture design as well as designing and building restaurants, bars, and nightclubs all over the city.  Family and an opportunity to open a new restaurant/bar in Nashville brought him back south. This situation quickly turned into a huge disappointment, which became a blessing, leading to a year of serious introspection.  

David began re-evaluating his values, who he wants to be, his actual behavior compared to desired behavior, and the disparity between intention and execution. Mindfulness, self-reliance, self-awareness, debt-free living, sustainability, intentional living, community, contribution and the empowerment to design one's life so that the most important components are brought to the fore of daily living began to consume his mind and fuel his passion. He discovered the relatively nascent tiny home movement while seeking a means to align his values with a purpose that adds value to the lives of those around him, especially the under-served and marginalized. Thus began the recognition of his own perpetual feelings of inadequacy with our consumer culture of envy, the wasteful ingratitude of first world striving, the addictive thinking of impulse buying and must have updates on all manner of electronics and products.  Ultimately, he noticed that the things he can change, lie mostly within himself.  He realized in a way he hadn't previously, that everyone has the power to change his/her own habits, his own patterns, his own mind, perspectives, and attitude. The philosophy behind the tiny house movement (despertely needed Affordable Housing, making great quality design and craftsmanship attainable to many people, intentional living, community, etc.) drew him in and inspired him to devote his working hours to furthering its cause.  David has chosen to translate that philosophy and his own into New Frontier Tiny Homes.