The Orchid Tiny House is our version of a contemporary, gable farmhouse design. A lofted king-sized bedroom and an extra hide-away bed make this home the ideal off-grid dwelling. We reimagined the tiny house floor plan by elevating a central kitchenette in a way that creates a new lifestyle flow and dynamic spatial perspective. With a one of a kind custom valance lighting package and a completely original exterior siding package, the whole home is a study in asymmetry.

The Orchid Tiny House’s exterior siding is an application we’ve only seen in a few Scandinavian cabins and certainly the first application of its kind on a tiny house. We spaced and raised cedar boards off of the walls and roof to give each piece the appearance of floating. The boards carry over onto the roof in a seamless line and result in an original, timeless wooden exterior (and fear not, we over-engineered the underlayment, so there is no possible way for any leaks to occur).

Following the full solar eclipse of 2017, we felt inspired to recreate this experience within the home. After all, an eclipse is the ultimate and original form of valance lighting. To execute this effect, David hides LED strip lighting behind trim throughout the entire home. While you see the light pouring over a wall, creating a shape and mood, the actual source of the light is never directly visible to the eye. The valance lights run along many of the asymmetrical lines of the house and are focused on the central wall within the kitchenette. We partitioned the lights onto individual separate dimmer switches, so you can easily create different settings within each part the home.

The interior siding is all maple plywood and combines a modern look with a warm, natural feel. We placed the master king-size bed in the loft and another full-size bed on a ground floor, behind the sofa. This sofa-bed combo was custom designed out of solid walnut and rolls seamlessly without the slightest effort. The kitchen guardrail and the HVAC closet box are also made from solid walnut to match the sofa-bed.

The bathroom is covered in custom tile and features a floating mirror with valance LED lighting. A custom floating vanity sink, a Cinderella incinerator toilet, and a 4’x6’ full size shower make this bathroom both functional and luxurious.